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Masonry Institute of Iowa

In 1975 some farsighted masonry contractors and associated industry representatives from throughout Iowa met with the purpose of finding a way to assist their industry in a continued orderly growth. A group decision was made to form a promotion arm of the Masonry Contractors Association of Iowa to be known as the Masonry Institute of Iowa. In 1978 MII had incorporated, elected officers, and adopted a set of bylaws. The Articles of Incorporation initially provided for a board of directors of 5 members, including 3 mason contractors, 1 representative of the block manufacturers, and 1 representative of the brick manufacturers.

Our Purpose
~To promote the use of brick, stone, and block in construction~
~To disseminate information concerning safe and economical masonry construction
~To develop advertising and public relations programs and other promotional activities for the good of the public and the masonry industry
~To promote the health, comfort, safety and economic interests of the public by educational activities within the masonry industry relating to masonry construction practices
~To develop programs and activities directed at assisting, technically or otherwise, architects, engineers, specification writers, contractors, government authorities and agencies
~To promote the formulation or improvement of state and municipal codes and uniform masonry specifications or high quality standards of masonry construction
~To promote research and experimentation concerned with improving existing construction methods and developing, testing and promoting new construction materials and/or modes of construction
~To develop the masonry contracting industry and to promote the interest and welfare of its members
~To promote better relations between masonry contractors and private and public owners, their awarding authorities, architects and engineers
~To encourage high professional standards in the conduct of work and to combat unfair business practices
~To cooperate with other construction industry trade associations having like or kindred purposes.